Smiles on Stems

Sunflowers are indeed an old-fashioned flower.

But good things are timeless!

The warmer days are coming and we eagerly plant our seeds knowing that Summer will bring with it a host of smiles on stems just as it did for generations before. My dad was telling me the other day how his mother planted a row of sunflowers every year down the path to the outhouse. Those Sunflowers were probably giving her a smiling wink as she passed … they knew her secret. A quiet place all by herself, transported into another world by a book . Ahhhh! A few moments peace!

What a way to enter this ‘happy place’! A sentry of smiles on stems 🙂

This third study of a single Sunflower is done using graphite and sepia in a wash. The sepia gives it an old look and yet is in keeping with the warmth of the subject. Let me know which of the three studies is your favourite. I’d love to know your thoughts


2 Comments on “Smiles on Stems”

  1. Linda I love the first sunflower using graphite and sepia, another ‘how do you do that’ moment! You are such an inspiration.


    • The sepia and graphite is a ‘liquid pencil’ put out by Derivan. It comes in a permanent or workable option and in a variety of tints. For this picture I have used the permanent sepia option and applied it just like a watercolour.


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