Smiles on Stems

Sunflowers are indeed an old-fashioned flower. But good things are timeless! The warmer days are coming and we eagerly plant our seeds knowing that Summer will bring with it a host of smiles on stems just as it did for generations before. My dad was telling me the other day how his mother planted a […]

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Kindness Just Blew In

Strong winds, rain and more wind… But we went away anyway. Eager as a beaver we were down to the beach with the dog leading the way, excitement oozing out of her. Zipping the jacket right up to the chin, we braced ourselves against the elements and off we went. It was easy one way, […]

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Game On!

The suggestion was made and everyone was up and ready. “Wanna have a round?” Daughter laughing  all fun and happy. Son quietly taking us all on. Grandma sitting on the sidelines watching the play while wearing a smile. Granddad bouncing light and nimble at the ready. And that darling dearest of mine in his element enjoying […]

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