Mama Bird Was Curious

They have all moved out of home and into their new abodes. Although I love this nest now clean and quiet, I miss their noise and … no! I don’t miss their mess!!!

I wanted to see their new homes. This Mama bird was curious as to how they were doing.

So the Papa bird suggested we go fly up and visit.

What a wise Papa bird!

Arriving at the first we were greeted with a grand tour and…

a roast dinner.

Mama bird was delighted and sighed contentedly as she looked at her baby bird all grown up and having a home of her own now.

We traveled on to the second new home.

Another grand tour ensued followed by…

another roast dinner.

My, My! Those boys did themselves proud, too.

This Mama bird was no longer curious but feeling very happy that she could now envisage her babies in their new homes, knowing they were all doing well.

Mama noticed that Papa bird was also smiling on the way home. Maybe the trip had not been just for her?

#Grateful that he suggested it.

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