Goosebumps Down My Spine

He sent a text saying he could be there at ten.

Although it wasn’t an emergency I was grateful.

A piano is an investment that needs to be looked after.

Our piano is not only an investment but for me an emotional attachment. Out first Christmas together as Mr. & Mrs. He was late home with no call. He NEVER did that and my worrying valve was working overtime. Then a few hours late a truck pulls into the driveway and along with a friend…who just happened to own a great music store…my darling dearest jumps out of the truck and starts unloading a beautiful piano. A gift for me!

We’ve carted it round the world on our travels. It’s been on rail, road, ship , 4WD, you name it…It’s been everywhere, man! And though I haven’t been near as diligent over the years as I would have liked, it has been a most treasured gift… a physical manifestation of his love and care for things that matter to me.

Now that we have been back in New Zealand for a couple of years…my, how time flies!… a friend recommended a good piano tuner and today was the day.

And there is nothing sweeter than listening to a piano tuner run his fingers over a perfectly tuned piano…sends goosebumps down my spine.


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