All Awash


The long  weekend to celebrate Easter has come and gone. The house is now empty again as everyone has gone back to work. I should also be out in the studio wielding that paintbrush but first I’d just like to get the washing out and drying.

Taking all the  cleaned clothes off the lines and putting them in the to-be-folded pile(s) is when I noticed how much washing we had actually done over the weekend. How do we get soo much? I (naively) expected that it would reduce to virtually nothing when the kids left home thus reducing the chore. Apparently not enough…

Over the years he has always said it tongue in cheek. A twinkle in those sky blue eyes teasing kindly as he complimented my ‘gift’. I have no idea how I manage it, and on such a regular basis. Yet, here I am still ‘gifted’… and him steadfastly supporting my ‘gifting’.

I am a blessed woman to have my Darling Dearest help me with hanging  out the  washing since the day we got married. His gift to me, he said. And this weekend was no exception.

Standing here in the house all empty and quiet, I have a moment to ponder his gift. I find myself all awash with gratitude.

Thank you, my Darling.

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