A Spanner In The Works

A long day done and wanting to relax, my darling dearest wearily plodded up the stairs to start the relax process by changing into comfy clothes. He works long and hard and I really like to see him chill out in the evenings. However, what  greeted him upstairs spurred him into lightening action, bounding down the stairs and calling for reinforcements…

The hot water cylinder had sprung a leak 😦

Helpful son came running.

All the old towels rushed upstairs and onto the floor.

Toolbox scurried through…  this is no job for a little 6″ toy. No, sirree! We need a MAN’S spanner. From the bottom of the box they pull out the not often used 15″. Looks of pride filled their faces as they wound it in and out checking it over.

Yes, Sir. This would do the trick!

Running back up to the fount of all trouble, they attacked it together. One holding the flashlight, the other wielding the mighty tool

Eventually we were all smiling. Them with faces beaming with pride at a job well done and an excuse to use that ‘big boy toy’. Me, because there might remain some chance of getting a hot shower after all.

#Grateful for men who love to put a spanner in the works.

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