Life Class

That you should do Life Classes is something you hear everywhere among those who like to paint.

I used to do them way back when, but I got REALLY sick of looking at everyone’s bits and pieces. I mean, is that really life? I might make a quick dash from the shower when the kids are not at home (I can hear them groaning at the thought) but generally, I do not do life in the nude. Even when the contours of the land were alluring curves ebbing and flowing gracefully rather than the crevasses and avalanches of the present, I still didn’t do it. We are frowned upon and taken off in a little paddy wagon if we go down town like that, so why must I continually have to subject myself to it for the sake of good art?!

I am not going to.

Instead, I have decided to do life classes as I see it. Drawing people is a great exercise…getting the nose just right or the angle of the chin… and, quite frankly, the folds on material wrapping the body can be even more difficult than skin. All within a specified time frame to boot.

This week my first model was my hard-working son. Studying for his last uni exam of the semester had him as a captive subject…even if he kept moving. I think his mind was on the study more than Mum drawing him which was probably a good thing.

#Grateful for his patience each time I put him back into position. And may you do well in your exam, Son.

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