Keeping it all together

We had taken so long to organise ourselves to get ready that I chose not to go back for my gloves…bad mistake right there!

By the time we had biked into town on a dreary cold Taupo winter morning our fingers were bitter cold. So, after our jobs were done we popped into the bike shop and got ourselves a pair each of these all sports merino gloves that a friend had highly recommended.

Fingers now encased and beginning the trek home we passed a beautiful shop poster with some random snowboarding down a mountain peak. I do not even look at such pictures, I mean, who really does that, but my darling dearest was quite taken with it.

“WOW! Imagine doing that!, he exclaimed as he stopped to admire it. “I could do that, too.”

Trying my hardest not to be a cynic, I looked at him sideways wondering how he could even entertain such a thought. It’s not as if either of us are really the Ironman type.

“Really?” I say, “And how’s that?”

“Oh, I wouldn’t look as graceful as that, but…:

Just quietly I am already snickering  (read that as rolling in hysterical laughter on the inside)

“…I could come down that slope even faster, and do way more cartwheels.”

“Ah! I see what you mean. You could do it but it would be in a rather more ungainly fashion.”

Acting all insulted he replied, ” Hey, I never said ‘ungainly’.I at least thought you would have used words that started with ‘S’ like ‘Spectacular’ or ‘Sensational'”.

“How bout ‘sexy'”, I add.

“Oh, no!” he said emphatically. ” All the sexy bits would have been left on a rock halfway down the hill”.

#grateful for the way we can laugh and tease each other, but, if it’s OK, I’ll keep him off the slopes so that I can have him altogether. I like him that way.

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