Colour in My Culinary World

We have no garden, so I have made a substitute with pots and although I can grow quite a lot of vege there is no way I can grow it all. So, that beautiful logistics co-ordinating daughter was online even before I had finished my moan and found me an online source that delivered to my door within twenty-four hours of picking.

Sounded great.

So, I gingerly placed my first order, hoping I wasn’t going to be scammed or just terribly disappointed.

See, I have canaries and I love to give them fresh produce out of my little garden, but I had run out of kale with the summer white caterpillar influx and me not getting the nets over quick enough. So, I gave them supermarket Kale and they plum refused it… not even a peck.  Which is were my moan was originating from because if the canaries know what is good without being able to read the labels or see where it was bought from, then surely, we should be eating the same good stuff. Fancy feeding my animals the cream while I eat the dregs!

But what kind of produce would I find after it had been couriered here?

Well, gotta say, it was magic!

A box overflowing with colour and a freshness you could smell. Good heap of variety too, with a few exotics added in. We’ve been having a smorgasbord of delicious organic dishes for no more than I would have paid in the supermarket except for the $10 courier fee that covers ANY amount of goods even down to here. It really is a delectable deal.

Of course, the acid test is trying it out on those canaries.

Yep, they were into it like they hadn’t been fed in a year. Here’s a link if you are interested in giving them a go. I highly recommend their service and products.

#Grateful for today’s order of organic fruit and veg bringing colour to my culinary world.



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