If It Weren’t For Ya Gumboots…

An unexpected road trip with Jo is always going to be filled with fun and laughter. She is the Queen of Disney Princess music and her theatrical bent and gorgeous voice have you singing along before you know it…Okay, it might have been just my finger tapping on the steering wheel but I was definitely smiling and enjoying her joy. I might have heard one or two, or most of these, too many times over the years. These parents who complain about the endless reciting by their four year old of Frozen haven’t heard anything…wait until you have heard every Disney movie for the last twenty six years and then come tell me!

Our journey took us through the country town of Taihape … the home of the gumboot. So, it was only natural to take my turn and share a song I knew

I’m pretty sure I got some concerned looks as she watched her mother singing away. Being clever she even tried to put me off track by adding in a version of ‘Waltzing Matilda’ from across the ditch, but my roots run deep and I stayed on track.

Bet she won’t forget Taihape in a hurry 🙂

#Grateful for the fun.

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