Autumn Watch

A normal morning walk with the dog was all set up to be nothing but normal until…

Until I heard that quiet voice telling me to take my camera.

I hesitated.

The dog was already doing circles in the back of the car all eager and excited, and I had a list of things to accomplish for the day. I wanted to get on with it.


I know He knows things I don’t. Back inside I went and picked up the bag and camera. In fact I decided to be super organised and take the big telephoto lens as well.

We were off.

The dog all rearing to go like a wound up spring so that when I opened the door on arriving at Wharewaka she was out in a shot and straight down to the edge of Lake Taupo anticipating a swim to retrieve each and every piece of pumice I was willing to throw. The game went on endlessly as we walked the beach with me trying to keep the camera and lens free of all flying water each time she emerged and shook all 30-odd kilos of fun-loving dog.

I was beginning to wonder whether I had heard him right. I had been carrying this heavy piece of equipment for quite a while.

And then I spotted it. I am pretty sure it had spotted us a while before.

Flip on over to this link to see the finished product. 🙂


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