Soft Falling Snow

Finally the moment had arrived. All the preparing, arranging and packing had been done. Little notes were stuck to appropriate places around the house so that birds would not be forgotten, dogs would be cared for, plants would be watered and still alive on our return. The car had been checked over for oil, water and antifreeze. The snow chains were loaded in too. Goodbyes had been said the night before.

Now, just after dawn we were about to embark on a working holiday for two. In talking to God as we planned and dreamed I had asked for two things in particular…#1 to see and interact with our native Keas and #2 to see soft falling snow. Not the small bits of ice that we had so excitedly held in the palm of our hand last winter but, instead, real soft snow…just like the movies. A girl can dream, can’t she?

We pulled up the roller door and there before our eyes was gift #1…soft falling snow! Right here in our own backyard! To all those who suffered the unusual cold snap here at home I apologize…yes, it was me who asked for it. And to all of you who had SOO much fun making snowmen and playing on the slopes of Mt. Tauhara…you are welcome. 🙂

We drove off with the soft mushy splats of snow falling on our windscreen and me with  a HUGE smile of wonder and thanks. It really was magical.



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