Huka Falls

This was my choice of painting destination…the amazing Huka Falls.

I was excited.

Arriving at the arranged time at the top lookout I got myself organised and ready. Enthusiasm was flowing.

Excitement for the next two hours of en plein air painting with Trevor Dowman, an amazing mentor.

“Be bold”, I told myself. I tried.

“Be purposeful in your strokes.” I tried.

Adrianne came round with her famous date scones for half-time. “That’s interesting”, she said looking perplexed.

She was being incredibly gracious… it was TERRIBLE!

What was wrong? Oh me, oh my 😦

I took it home and put it on the piano to dry. It deserved to be thrown in the rubbish but it was annoying me immensely. What had gone wrong?

The next morning as I went out to my studio I realised the problem… Van Gogh knew.

“First I dream my painting, then I paint my dream”, he had said. It was drawn across my wall as a reminder, yet, I had not heeded.

I had not had a clear idea in my head of my painting before I began. All the boldness and purposefulness will be of no good if you do not know what your destination is.

I regrouped.

I imagined.

I saw it in my head.

I got out the brushes again.

MUCH better (Well, it seriously couldn’t have been worse!)

I do not have a photo of the before version…that’s probably a good thing, though it would be good to compare them.

However…follow and the link here.

#Grateful for mentors who have gone before.


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