Acquiesced to My Request

I love the dictionary meaning of this word…

ACQUIESCE: (simple definition) to accept, agree, or allow something to happen by staying silent or by not arguing

(intransitive verb) to accept, comply, or submit tacitly or passively

…and that is exactly what my darling dearest did when we arrived in Wellington with an hour to spare. He kindly acquiesced to my request. He’s like that…if he can, he will. I try not to abuse it, but there wasn’t a lot else you could really do with just one hour. So, I requested. And he acquiesced 🙂

“Please could we drive slowly through the city so I can get material of all the old buildings for sketching?”

And although we had already been driving for 7 hours, you know it, he said “Sure”, as he swung the car around and began another hour of driving.

Wellington is full of old buildings meeting new ones, or architecture built in odd shapes to fit the roads surrounding. Lots of cars, people, hustle and bustle. Lots to sketch. Lots of images to put in my store of painting material.

#grateful that he acquiesced to my request.

Wellington Stadium - Copy



2 Comments on “Acquiesced to My Request”

  1. Absolutely beautiful sketches of Wellington (looking forward to seeing more some day) and absolutely lovely commentary.


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