Painting Moments

All lined up waiting in your queue for the boarding call…what to do?


Cars all sitting nicely still in rows while I look at perspective and ratios.

Little water jars sitting serenely on the dashboard awaiting my brush.

No hurry.

“Keep it loose”, she had said.

I try.

My darling dearest with eyes closed and head back as he listens to his mp3 story.

Time to paint this moment.


Waiting for Interislander

2 Comments on “Painting Moments”

    • I raided daughter’s chewing gum supply before we left, so this is ‘my little water jars’ mentioned above. Thanks for the tip. She put the chewing gum into a ziplock bag and threw into her tent. Unfortunately it landed on the floor and her pup was in like a robber’s dog. Such a strange animal! Anyway, dog seems none the worse for the event…all functions operating smoothly. Chewing gum has now been put up high 😛


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