A good night’s sleep had improved my motion sickness immensely. Oh, how grateful I was! (Here’s a link for that story 😦 )And now before us lay two weeks of South Island adventure. Pretty excited is probably an understatement 🙂

Drawing back the curtains in our apartment had me immediately oh-ing and ah-ing and racing for the camera. My very first capture of South Island beauty.

The sun’s first rays were peeking over the hilltops surrounding Picton’s Marina. Everything a soft blue or darker green.

Pink playing around the cloud edges.

Not a breath of wind to disturb the picture perfect reflections of boats with masts piercing upward.

Such tranquility and sereneness.

We ate our breakfast soaking in the changing colour spectrum as the sun rose higher and higher, still hidden behind those protective hills but with the day shining brighter and brighter. It’s crest of the hill announced our need to hurry up and enjoy all that this day held.
We were off… our tanks filled with the beauty.



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