Operation ‘Father’s Day’

Coming in tired after a long day at work he almost missed Son #2 coming in behind him. We laughed about how far son  had walked to be here (4hr car ride but no car in sight). My darling dearest took it all at face value and suspected nothing more.

We grinned.

Putting down his heavy work bag full of clever things I know nothing about, and moving into the kitchen, he was overwhelmed by two other sons springing from the bathroom where, on hearing him arrive, they had hidden with the dog. The dog was in for this game and weaved herself in between the legs of embracing Father and Sons. My darling dearest had a smile so big. “Happy Father’s Day” ringing, and us…

We grinned.

It was my darling dearest’s normal evening for Table Tennis at the club, but tonight those energetic sons whisked him out to our own table and began an evening of intense competition. My darling is ALWAYS in for that, and so the testosterone flowed and the laughter rang out right behind. Secretly…

We grinned.

Rugby Photography

Rugby Photographer

He had seen a sign advertising the local rugby game , King Country vs Poverty Bay, and had asked me on a date. The time had arrived but I took the liberty of bringing along a few extras…one daughter and three sons. We filed in and smiled real big as my enthusiastic husband shouted himself hoarse encouraging our new team along. To add to the fun  stirring-daughter decided to go with the opposition. Lots of ribbing and laughter ensued.

Operation ‘Father’s Day’ was going well.

Son #3 cooked us up a great dinner and although some plates were already piled high (I forget how much these lads can eat!) there was automatic quibbling for dibs on seconds. Without thinking I nearly blew our cover claiming it for …our next surprise.

Four pairs of eyes bored into mine. ‘Be careful, Mum!’, they warned.

Giving a sideways glance we all sighed with relief as he obliviously carried on.

We breathed.

Rugby Camera Man

Film Crew

Hearing the car arrive, clever-daughter pretended to take dogs out for toilet break so that they didn’t give the show away with their excitement at the new arrival. They know that car sound.

Unsuspecting Father carried on.

Second daughter quietly came up behind him and slid her arms around his neck. “Happy Father’s Day, Dad.”

The look on his face was priceless. Worth all the secrecy and planning. He had assumed she couldn’t make it because of all the work shifts she had. Yet, in between #2 daughter had driven four hours to spend just four hours with us all… family complete. The joy on his face at ALL our children here for this opportunity to honour him was a special moment.

We all grinned…happy.

Operation ‘Father’s Day’ was a success. Well done, Team.


Rugby Fans

Rugby Fans



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