Signed, Sealed and Delivered

“Here! Here!,” I cried.

As he pulled the car over I was frantically pulling out the big lens and trying to attach it, not wanting to miss a one. (Not that I needed any more as I have so many photos from our visit to Cape Palliser. But those were little babies and these much older.

Lining the rocky Kaikoura coastline were literally hundreds of seals all enjoying this sunny winter’s day. Big daddy bulls seeing who could roar the loudest, mama cows soaking up the sun quietly among the rocks, and baby pups now so much bigger than we had seen them just a few months ago. All sporting a luscious thick coating of blubber under their fur.

I could have stayed there for ever, watching this one, taking photos, watching another, and another. They are such posers, playing to the camera, and almost begging you to take photos from both sides and then again from their best angle. They know how to work it!

Today, I learnt from ‘Seal Facts’ that this group on the beach was called a colony of seals yet as soon as they go into the water they become a raft of seals. I guess they do kind of look like a raft when they are all out playing in the water together, but for now they are most definitely colonizing this beach and I had fallen prey to all those big soft eyes.

On this trip I had wanted to spend time with the seals here but had already asked for soft falling snow and Keas so didn’t want to push my luck. He had said He wanted to show me His glory. He was definitely doing that here. His promises are signed, sealed and delivered! 🙂

I LOVE seals!!!!

#grateful for this stop.

Kaikoura Seals #2



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