Vistas of Beauty

Fresh dumps of snow brought up from the Antartic region were our total delight as we traveled the Kaikoura coastline. As the road hugs the shore you have waves thundering in on one  side and snow almost meeting you on the other. What a picture!

While taking lots of photos for records I was trying to imagine a painting with the sea and snow so close…quite unusual! But I will definitely be having a go 🙂

Steep hills from the Seaward Kaikouras coming right down to the flat which was only wide enough for the road and train tracks running beside. On a few occasions these craggy hills blocked the road entirely and we got to use tunnels cut through the rock, one for the train, one for on-coming traffic and one for us…all narrow and just enough for one. Then on a hairbend the direction changes and your view is the sea beating against the rocks…such power in this land and seascape.

As we came to the South-Eastern end of these ranges it opened into a large valley with the town of Kaikoura stretched across the middle…one long, straight main drag with everything sitting down the length of it. We followed the locals to the big red ‘Bakery’ sign and were not disappointed.

Lunch with a good dose of mountain air and vitamin D was just what was needed before continuing over the notorious Hundalee Hills to Christchurch.  Thankfully, we did not meet the unfortunate demise of the rolled and totaled Ute that didn’t take the icy corner too well and ended up upside down in a farmer’s paddock. But, oh, the beauty of rolling hills covered with blankets of snow. Such a magical world of white! (Sunglasses were a MUST!!!!) White, white, white and more white glistening in the afternoon sun. I had never seen so much snow nor in every direction like this. It was, indeed, a magical vista of beauty.







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