Not Quite Super Woman Enough

A friend had told me that she had done it. I had always wondered but now decided to give it a go.

The day was set.

Family organized…or, at least, warned.

And now that I had committed it was growing…at an alarming rate, which actually means that alarm bells were beginning to ring in my head that there was no way I could accomplish all that was on that fast-growing list.

Prioritize, that’s what I would do, and just do the best I could.

Well, it didn’t take very long for me to realise that I had underestimated the entire job and there was NO WAY I could even do the top priorities which is when that adorable son said he volunteered all the kids to help, including himself.

Of course,a family project always has my darling dearest at the helm steering my ideas away from their natural implosion…(They might be great ideas but I am not always known for practicality or logic…that’s where we make such a fantastic team 🙂 )

Cars, couches and carpets… and all in  eight hours with machine returned.

They worked liked Trojans on their holiday. Furniture moved throughout the house. Vacuuming inside. Vacuuming outside. Carpets all shampooed. Furniture moved back. Washing cars. All upholstery cleaned. Detailing done. Couches all cleaned and smelling like … not daisies exactly, but, very fragrant cleaner. And then, as a grande finale,  the boys even cooked dinner.

I looked around the table so grateful for them all. Grateful that they had made a near disaster into a successful day filled with laughter and good will. (They have learnt well from their Daddy who is brilliant at this.)  Grateful for all their extra muscles and smiles when I berated myself for not being quite Super Woman Enough.Grateful for a very clean house, but, most of all, grateful to be a part of this AWESOME family!


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