All Dressed Up

We’ve been the proud owners of this little car for two years now and one of the first things I asked for was new hubcaps…it had just one šŸ˜¦ . Well, life comes and goes and we come and go with it, and the car has been used by all the kids at various times […]

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Not Quite Super Woman Enough

A friend had told me that she had done it. I had always wondered but now decided to give it a go. The day was set. Family organized…or, at least, warned. And now that I had committed it was growing…at an alarming rate, which actually means that alarm bells were beginning to ring in my […]

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Painting Moments

All lined up waiting in your queue for the boarding call…what to do? Sketch! Cars all sitting nicely still in rows while I look at perspective and ratios. Little water jars sitting serenely on the dashboard awaiting my brush. No hurry. “Keep it loose”, she had said. I try. My darling dearest with eyes closed […]

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