The Best Job ever!

It’s true.

I REALLY do have the best job EVER!!!!!

That’s if you can call it a job, cause most of the time I find it just pure pleasure, and today was no exception.

We had decided a couple of days before that we were going to do it, so we jumped out of bed early to beat the heat and the crowds (good call, I might add)

What an awesome day with the weather man smiling at our pleasure and throwing in PERFECT weather just to top it off.

And at the top I got to ‘work’.


I did some en plein air sketching. Why would you want to waste all that beauty?!


So perched out on a rock I wiled away a couple of hours as other climbers came and went. Taking it all in…the colours…golden summer paddocks… deep green of pine forests…purples of ranges and mountains in the distance(still with some snow)…the light yellow band around horizon to bright blue cloudless skies above…the grey of Taupo town next to a shimmering expanse of lake…

and my favourite for the day, the bright colours of the bush on Mt. Tauhara itself. Looking down on the trees, instead of the usual view from the bottom, showed us a variety of bright greens, almost seagreen blues and best of all, a brilliant yellow that seemed to glow all over. Just WOW!

New Zealand is a beautiful country.




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