A day free of classes is a wonderful excuse to find a new place to walk and explore. Nylah is always keen.

We’ve been in our new house for just over 2 months now so today we decided to go south…well, Nylah didn’t decide. She’s the dog and happily goes where ever I choose.

Over the hill, through the forest and the first village we came to was Hatepe. You’d miss it entirely if you blinked on the main road. But, tucked away in that small spot are lots of homes tucked in close to each other down little lanes and all within spitting distance of the lakefront. The Hinemaiaia River flows into Lake Taupo at the northern end.


It was a cold and blustery day with high winds coming in from the south but we managed to enjoy our exploration as we walked the beach and found some tracks through the bush (a welcome reprieve from the buffeting wind).

Finding a table and bench at one end I decided to do a sketch. (Need to add some bulldog clips to my bag of tricks to help hold the pages down against the wind) and Nylah snuggled in behind to catch a drop of sun as she waited patiently.


By the time I was done my fingers were pretty cold ( my hands were grateful for the fingerless gloves I did have) and the wind was starting to really bite even through my jacket. Time to move on. I love exploring new places and today was no exception. Not even the wind stopped it being a great outing. #Grateful for this beautiful place.


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