I am Gr8ful.

Gr8ful for all the love I have been shown this week past.

It started with a dinner date with my darling dearest just for two at our favourite restaurant. Plateau has been an absolute winner every time we have been there. Love the ambiance. Love the flavours. Love the company.



Then the week progressed with all the kids coming home to celebrate with me. Each one had thought of something special to do for Mum that she would really appreciate. One had organised to bring their guitars and at night we played and sang till my fingers were sore.

Another bought two books that we could read together.




Someone brought a fun game down and we played and laughed until midnight doing the highland fling and all kinds of other crazy stuff.

Everyone took Mum shopping.

Each took a turn to have a ‘D&M’ at some point.

They walked the beach with me and the dog.

Another fixed my bike.



My darling dearest had a much thought about ‘surprise’ gift he had secretly worked on.

‘Happy Birthday’ was sung in every eating house we entered, down the street, and in the car. We had three part harmonies and operatic versions, along with great out-of-tune gusto and laughter following




I was hugged, loved and honoured.


And when my heart was so full I thought it would burst they all went home to their places leaving in their wake a VERY Gr8ful Mama.

Thank you, Family.

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