Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

A week of bitter winds, hail and snow.

Not a week I wanted to walk the dog. How come my dog doesn’t know it’s cold and stay in front of the fire like other dogs? She even still wanted to swim, but I drew the line at that…well, the two coldest days, anyway. Those pleading eyes won out and I braced myself hard against the winds. Please don’t tell her but I felt better after each walk…much better than sitting inside all day. #Grateful for her gentle insistence.


My Ugg boots and I became best friends this week. Warm extremities help in warding off the cold and my darling dearest’s thoughtful gift was appreciated all over again.


Daughter’s boyfriend came to enjoy the snow. The wonder of it falling fresh was not lost on him and increased our own joy at this magical time of year.


My darling dearest worked from home for two days and I got to enjoy him at the end of the table working hard. It was too irresistable not to draw. #Grateful for his work ethics and devotion to us. I got a goodie!

IMG_20170710_195849_987 (1)

Then once the storm had cleared that dog took daughter #2 and I for a walk. We took the camera to have some creative fun along the way and happened on a little European Goldfinch clinging to a Toitoi stalk on the edge of the lake. Thinking he would fly away we took a photo from a distance and then crept further and further forward with not a flinch from him. With each step closer we took another photo in case this was our last and he would surely fly away. Just a foot away behind a large rock she got great close-ups showing all his lovely bright colours. He didn’t fly even when the dog came within inches. All puffed up and looking a tad worse for wear we decided to move him to a more sheltered position. He hopped onto the finger offered as if he had done it all his life and we carried him up to behind the rocks amongst the thistles and grass. Immediately he turned his head into his feathers for a sleep. Maybe the storm had been just too much for the little fellow. Such opportunities to engage closely with free birds don’t come along every day. #Grateful for this special moment.



Winter has a special set of joys. This week was no exception. Dean martin had it right when he sang ‘Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow’. We sang right along with him. Do you have something that makes you thankful in Winter? Do you like the snow? Add you ‘winter thankfuls’  below to the list.



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