A Great Group of Birds

Latitude -38.71068303 Longitude 176.08646320

Week 3 of #360in365. (week 2 was a public holiday here in NZ, being ANZAC Day)

Our destination was Kaiwaka Point. To be honest none of us have ever heard it called this, but the map had it named and Uncle Google agrees, so who are we to disagree. Kaiwaka Point it is.

Trying to find a spot out of the wind to draw, while still keeping that all important sun…Autumn is really here now… we enjoyed a lovely spot sporting golden Autumn colour in the trees with ducks and swans hiding in the sheltered bay as well.


I love the camaraderie as we all have a go at painting the same scene together. They’re a great group of birds. ‘Nana Wendy’ gives the kids an ‘on the spot’ art lesson. We all have a giggle when she falls off her stool rather less than gracefully. But we do love the gift of joy she brings with her.


After saying ‘Goodbyes’ I go to the next bay to continue sketching as I have a while to kill till my next appointment in town. Picking up my paints to carry on I am suddenly aware of quite a few visitors…the girls have come for tea! Ducks sporting fashionable rust reds with blue bonnets, or demure browns and fawns are waddling right up to my seat…another great group of birds!

Trying not to move too suddenly I surreptitiously take a few photos so I can paint these girls in to my sketch later, though they seemed so eager to stay and chat that I think I could have drawn them from life quite easily. Maybe next time…



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