Hasn’t it Been A While

Well, hasn’t it been a while since I’ve written on my blog. I wish I could say I have been sunning myself in Tahiti…don’t we all?…but, instead we have shifted into a wonderful little ‘do-er upper-er’. With no fences on some sides and rotten fences on others, we have been running since the moment we got here. It’s also a down-sizing event as there are no children left at home now. I didn’t realize how hard it is to part with ‘stuff’ until committing to this venture. To start with every room and the garage too where bulging at the seams and as the year has progressed I have worked my way from room to room culling and re-culling. It’s still a work in progress.

As for art, I spent the last year of shifting and culling, teaching a range of art classes while my own creativity languished in a corner. This present year has seen my studio space begin to emerge and with it a few fun ventures back into creative land including a new adventure that began today.

Having bought our own little piece of paradise I decided it was time to learn about my new backyard. I know it’s the biggest freshwater lake in Australasia but I’ve never circumnavigated it, and would love to explore more. So, full of zeal and craziness I have committed to sketching my way around the entire lake in one year. Our new adventure is called #360in365.

A few brave souls have expressed interest at coming along with me as they are able which will be really nice to have their company and encouragement…I hope I haven’t bitten off more than I can chew, but, hey, it wouldn’t be the first time!!!

So, today we started here at home with a visit to Huka Falls. Nothing like starting big where you have people looking over your shoulder all morning…sorry, Claire…and a subject that is quite difficult. Perhaps we should have gone the other way around the lake…too late now. The rain held off beautifully till our first sketch was done and then we sat in the car to sketch the local kiosk. Busloads of tourists from every country were bustling around and providing us with entertainment as we tried to get them quickly down on paper.

Didn’t take long though and being true women we got talking with both the art and the tourists falling off our radar. Nothing quite like a good chinwag to get you all connected and satisfied with life.

So, until next week’s adventure, here’s my sketches from today. Enjoy.


tempImage (1)

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  1. Hi Lynda Thanks for emailing me your blog – cool to read what you have been up to 😊. Well done. I too am starting to declutter as we’re getting  new carpet and so decided to have a big clean out as we go. It makes me realise how much stuff we have accumulated. Pete’s pet comment is if it doesn’t fit in the caravan do we need it (chuckle chuckle).  All is going well on this end.The girls are doing well with their little bubs . Brooklyn – Anita and Rob’s little boy is 13 months old now and just about to walk, and Amy and Ed’s little boy  (Asher) is just 3 months old yesterday – he’s doing well too. It is such a delight to see them mothering. I wish the traffic wasn’t so bad to get to Auckland though – it basically takes me 3 hours to get to their places now. Pete & I realised last weekend that we have only been home three weekends this year, so it’s been a busy time for us. Lots of catch up with family etc – all good though. Also painted the Beachhouse  (yellow & white) over 3 weeks at Christmas , and now just have the outside windows to paint. As well as painting the interior house here in Hamilton it’s been all go. I finished working for activate foundation (church job) and have just been concentrating on mother-daughter services this year ( my service for the elderly). I’m really enjoying just having the one thing in my head space instead of juggling jobs. I have three others working on the team and the service is growing more & more.I added my clients that I have had contact with & counted 87, so getting more widely known. I am loving this space. There is something about being your own boss eh. Yay.  How are your folks?  And family?Did you get my text the other day? I found some real treasures amongst my paperwork 😊.Well I must pop into bed, I was up at 5.30 & feel myself getting sleepy.  Nice to hear from you – thanku.  Love & hugsGloria

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