Lake Rotopounamu…finally!

Lake Rotopounamu

Latitude: 39.0260°S

Longitude: 175.7372°E

We’ve been trying for three weeks  to get here, but every week the weather is miserable or too many of us are occupied elsewhere. FINALLY, we have made it, and it did NOT disappoint.

Not only did we make it but we brought a few others along too…hubbies and mums keen to tag along. Great to make the party merrier. One took the kids and showed them how to find the perfect walking sticks. These sticks morphed at will by youthful imaginations…one minute a walking stick, the next a brandishing sword, the next a marching band baton…and all that transitioning at the flick of the wrist and executed with dramatic precision. It was impressive to watch 🙂



Those walking sticks kept them going as we walked the 5kms around the lake edge. Fascinating how something so simple can capture the imagination and keep boredom away. Of course, we stopped a couple of times for drawing purposes and then those walking sticks became wading poles as they ventured out in their “waterproof gumboots” (makes me wonder if there was another kind at home  that they had had adventures with 🙂 ) and then before we knew it we were back at the carpark with everyone feeling like they had had a good blow-out, hungry for lunch, some appreciation for nature filling our souls and a couple of good sketches in our artbooks.

Lake Rotopounamu, finally we walked you and enjoyed your beauty. What a great backyard we have!




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