Beautiful Bluster



Longitude: 175.9202

She’s lived here 40 years so I guess she should know. “It’s not often like this. Got to have just the right wind direction to get these waves. Doesn’t it feel like we are at the sea?”

I had to agree. Windy. Boisterous. Waves crashing over the rocks on the point. Cormorants on the pier gripping tight with their toes. Nature’s palette  almost 50 shades of gray. My dogs bounding around like half-crazed wild things…why do animals and kids go crazy in the wind?

That wind was going right through us and so the offer of a warm fire, freshly baked scones…with homemade peach jam, no less,… and a hot cup of tea was too good to pass up. How wonderful to have one of our own living here in Waitetoko…today’s destination  for #360in365.


We followed her down a dirt road lined with bush and then…voila…we were stripping off jackets and sipping hot tea. A potter’s home is a wonderful place to sketch in. Every nook had another vista of cute little objects. 40 years of accumulated magic and we were all in heaven.


Every window was a view of paddocks, cows and lovely Autumn coloured trees. Paperwhites nodding delicately throughout the garden. Little sheds and cute-to-draw fences dotted about.  So many wonderful new things to paint and indulge in so that before we knew it, it was time to pack up and head back to reality. Darn! I could have painted the entire day away!


Thank you, Chris, for a lovely warm haven to wile away a morning in painted bliss.


The rain had stopped so I got a quick sketch done of the lakefront as we left. Watercolour was added later as my painting buddies deemed it too cold  to sit around out there. Where’s their sense of adventure amidst this beautiful bluster?


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