Lost Joy

They were all neatly stacked and in order, words piled up on words. There was LOVE and PEACE; HOPE was in its place. CAKE and DRINK side by side, but where was JOY?

Sneaky word, it had jumped away when I wasn’t looking.

It was there a minute ago, but now?  Where did JOY go? Under the carpet? Behind the door?

I hunted high and low for JOY. Was it under the bed or even in the bed? Had it run out the door? Was it sulking in the fridge or sliding down the drain?

Where on earth was that slippery, little word called JOY?

One minute it jumps up and dances on the window ledge and just as you go to grab it, JOY jumps out the window and runs under a bush.

I called it by name but it hid out of sight.  I shouted and yelled, “JOY, you little word, come quick!”

I begged, I pleaded, I wept, and still JOY would not come.

I felt a tap on my shoulder and there was WORRY wringing their hands murmuring, “I knew this would happen. What should we do? Oh dear, oh dear.”

Standing by my heels following my every move, FEAR was stalking. I tripped over GRUMPY who started a fight between ANGER and BLAME.

By now all the words were out of control pushing and shoving, yelling and crying when suddenly THANKS shouted, “Attention!”  The words stopped and stared. They shuffled back into place and one of them, HOPE, I think, offered me a tissue to dry my eyes.  THANKS began to whistle, the words began to sing and there came little JOY running, jumping, leaping, grinning from ear to ear.

JOY bounced on the couch, ran over the piano, cartwheeled across the room, kissed me on the cheek, bumped into the other words and did a little jig.

I tried to scold that little word but JOY’s cheeky face caught my eye and I began to smile. The smile grew big and before I knew it all the words were giggling and laughing too. HAPPY and GRUMPY were hugging, CAKE was dancing with LOVE. PEACE and QUIET kissed! WORRY had fallen asleep.

Slippery word JOY, I cannot pin it down. I am never sure when it will play hide and seek again.

Guest post by Kathy Woollett of KathyWoollett.blogspot.com

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