Ho-say Who?

Ho-say Who?   

Ideas are interesting things, they can strike at any moment and sometimes in the most inconvenient times.  If you capture the idea, sometimes that wild thought can lead you on a colourful and unexpected journey.  Writing children’s books has been that for me.  My first book, ‘Joyspring’s Song” came from an idea that slipped quietly into my room one night, just as I was turning off the light.

My second book, “Ho-say Who?” began in the middle of a conference. The speaker was in full flight when a metaphor he used involving a hose hit me on the nose (metaphorically speaking). In my mind’s eye, I saw a hose dancing around bringing joy.  Images began to form and when I finally had some time alone the ideas found their way into a story about a hose who had no idea who he was or what his purpose in life could be.  Ho-say, who?   Taking an idea from your head to page and then conveying that to an illustrator is not the easiest task, but eventually my path crossed with Lynda through a mutual friend.  How thankful I am for friends and their friends!  What a treasure they bring to us.  Lynda was such a treasure as she took my story and began to explore the ways a very ordinary garden tool such as a hose could become a character.  Ho-say had a name, a shape, and personality, along with some other characters, like the very irritating garden tools who mocked and questioned Ho-say’s identity and purpose.  Cue the gardener, thirsty flowers, a curious cat and Mexican mice.  Am I giving too much of the story away?  You will need to order a book from Lynda or myself.

Ho-say discovers that his identity and purpose is found when the gardener turns up.  Life flows through him to others.  He is a life-giver and a joy-bringer.  Lynda’s illustrations capture the joy, fun and life contained in this story in a truly delightful way.

Ho-say’s story can be our story.  Many times we wonder who we are and what our purpose is.  But when we connect with the Great Gardener, the creator God we find life flows through us.  We are capable of giving life, encouragement and joy to others.  We don’t have to sit curled up in the dark, or feeling sorry for ourselves or endure being humiliated by others.  Our life has meaning and purpose.

For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. States the Bible.  That word “handiwork” conveys craftsmanship, artistry or in its original language a poem.  Having watched an artist like Lynda at work, and knowing myself just what it takes to bring a vague idea into something crafted and tangible I appreciate the thought, the attention to detail the giftedness that God has taken to craft our individual lives and bring unique meaning and purpose to them – once we are connected to him.  God’s incredible artistry never fails to amaze me.

Another post by Kathy Woollett of kathywoollett.blogspot.com. Do visit her blog and sign up to receive notifications of her latest ‘word’ creations. I always enjoy them. And thank you, Kathy, for filling in for me at such short notice while Russell and I went for a break at the beach. Really appreciated. So until next week…

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