What a Glorious Time! Pt. 4

Waking to another glorious day, I headed off with dogs all keen, to enjoy the morning sun on the freshly washed beach. That early morning sun on the beach is the elixir of life for me. I love it! However, it can be quickly drained away when rascally dogs don’t come when called. It is definitely gone when they are busy licking their lips in joyous rapture when you finally do get to them. ‘Joyous rapture’ means it must have been disgusting! Time for this walk to be cut short and him taken home.

Everybody fed and watered, we decided to venture to the far bank (true right) and see what was to see over there. Lots of fishing poles and eager people for a fresh fish dinner on one side of the sand dunes. And on the other a glorious wetland area, all tranquil and still. I had my paints out in a flash.

I know he looks like quite the gentleman in this photo but don’t be fooled. Hardly had my brush hit the canvas than this rascally dog began whining and complaining something awful. His ‘joyous rapture’ was turning to custard. After a massive throw-up from him, and still no reprieve from his whining, we decided to call it quits and take him home. Honestly, my sympathy was a zero, and my annoyance a full on 10, so I was never going to do a good painting anyways. Gotta control those emotions to paint well.

An hour after being home the next explosion came bringing the most foul-smelling rotten fish. What was he thinking?! Then another of all the sand he’d eaten along with it, and then yet another with froth and bile etc. TMI ? Too Much Information? Apologies, but I was seeing my painting day go swiftly down the drain due to his stupidity. Today I was ‘enjoying’ another of the elements that make outdoor painting such a full-on experience. I can say I showed up but, there was no painting from today. Things I just have to accept.

The girls left the next day, but not before we had a coffee and chocolate cake in the sun while we shared our work with each other. Critique is a really beneficial and important part of growing in your art. Who better to do it with than friends.

An afternoon of solitude at the campground (did not want to take that dog anywhere just yet) was a lovely way to emotionally finish my time with my painting buddies and prepare for the return of my darling dearest. Using photo references I was able to complete yesterday’s wetland painting. It’s never the same as actually being there but sometimes a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. Thanks Charlie, for the lesson.

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