Just in Time

Yep, we were definitely just in time!

Just in time for our trip to Auckland to spend time with our kids before the country goes back into lockdown. Being grateful for things working out well… that hubby and I didn’t end up separated in different parts of the country, that we had this time together being able to give real physical hugs, before the virtual world returns.

In fact, the whole trip worked out well. Originally, it was just my darling dearest flying up to Auckland to attend the rugby game with the kids. Slowly it morphed into him coming up with me, bringing the caravan, me staying for a week and then him flying back up the following weekend, watching more rugby with the boys, and then travelling back home with me. Just in time for their rugby games too, it seems, as Australia gets hammered by the Delta.

We arrived in Auckland to be greeted by three kids under the weather. Our previous plans quickly thrown out the window and into ‘Mum’ mode. Cooking lots of vegetables, airing out rooms… Actually, it was quite a tonic for me. As they grow up, leave home, do well etc., (which we want them to do), it leaves a kind of a vacuum. Or is it just room for change? Whichever, it was lovely to be needed for a while.

As they each got better, we did things together, filling up the tank further. Lunches out, afternoon escapes, chats in the caravan, watching indoor netball games, trips to the beach, etc. I love to see them in their worlds and enjoy the success that is them. They are each so very individual and going in different directions. Interesting to watch considering they all had the same gene pool, same teacher for the first 15 years of their lives, etc. I can say we were adamant that each one had to be set up to have a base from which to reach their full potential, whatever that might be, and they are all doing that. So proud! And, of course, if I had been there this week we would not have been able to do any of these fun adventures, so just in time!

I got time to do some shopping and walking/exploring by myself as well. Always a bonus to visit the bigger stores when you live in a country area. Retail therapy is no longer on the cards for a while with this present lockdown, so once again ‘just in time’. Oakley Creek Walkway was a new discovery for this trip. I had it all to myself and the dogs, but as of today, if like the last big lockdown, it’ll probably be quite a busy little thoroughfare. Yet, again, just in time.

Selwyn Village lunch date with Janessa.

Now, we are safely home and remembering fondly. Lots of good feels tucked away in this Mama heart. And just in time to be ready for the next big adventure.

Just in Time 🙂

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