En Plein Air with Trev

When you get the opportunity to paint alongside an experienced painter you grab it and that is exactly what I did when it was suggested we go and paint out on location together. How much I have to learn and here is someone who has been on the painting journey for over 35 years as a professional artist. What an opportunity! Such a gift.

Our first en plein air was to be at the local Taupo Harbourmaster’s building. I was even on time which shows how keen I was (I am sure you can guess by that comment that being on time is not one of my best attributes) but today I was ready and present…eager.

Trevor Dowman and his wife, Adrianne, have been a gift from heaven to me as I have begun my sojourn into the art world. (You can see his art here) So willingly they have shared advice and ideas garnered from their own years of adventuring. And here today I watched him lay out his paints, size it all up and begin applying that paint magically to the canvas.

I took a different view to Trevor and did mine in paletteknife. I made some rookie mistakes like not being organised enough to have the right sized canvas so took one that was WAY too large for a two hour session. Then to add insult to injury I forgot my palette. I had no choice but to begin my HUGE painting with a TINY paletteknife as it was the only knife that would fit inside the waterjar lid… the only thing I could utilize as a makeshift palette. Guess what I will remember next time?

Eventually, back at the studio, I finished my project. And for all it’s hurdles I am pretty pleased with my first attempt at painting in the open air.

Definitely awaiting summer.

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