Firstborn Mama Moments

It’s a long time since I held that precious bundle in my arms and we looked into each other’s eyes. There’s been a lot of water go under the bridge since then.

Over the years there have been times when I have felt akin to Pooh Bear and his friends from 100 Acre Woods as they raced their ‘Pooh Sticks’ under the bridge. Sometimes ecstatic like Roo, at other times covering my eyes and holding my breath just as Piglet did. I have had mothering moments where I felt as positive as Rabbit and then as despondent as Pooh. And then there were the Eeyore moments…when something happened that was a total surprise and you had no idea what to do with it and we all needed to help each other to get out. The joys of parenting!!!

How we have all grown! But none so much as that gorgeous firstborn of ours.

This week has seen her accept a new job position in another city. Delighted for the new adventures ahead of her. Impressed with how she has learnt from the present ‘adventures’. Adversity has forged values in her that make her parents smile.


She has always been a BRILLIANT organiser, but I have watched her learn to think of others in the organising. Proud of the way she has grown. This week I braved a new haircut and she came for support and took photos, laughed and encouraged me on. Thank you for thinking selflessly of me.


We finished the week by taking her to our favourite restaurant to celebrate her new adventure and we talked for two solid hours about the things that have passed under the bridge. She asked her dad to pray for her. We laughed. We cried…they never have enough tissues in fancy restaurants. We celebrated her and were thankful for this time when she has been back under our roof. We acknowledged the growth in ALL of us.



#Grateful for all the Firstborn Mama moments and the story we have written together.


#Grateful for time to celebrate just three this weekend. He watched sports reviews. She did Sudoku and I drew at a local cafe…all quiet.


#Grateful for opportunities to find the positive…such as enjoying the raindrops on my glasses making it almost impossible to see. Just a different perspective!

What have you had happen in your week? Are there things to be thankful for? A new way to look at it? Feel free to post below.

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