#usksymposium From Afar

Instagram is full of them.

It’s all over my Facebook.

They’ve been on WGN news.

And I gotta say that seeing these urban sketchers everyday, all day, is paying off and getting me all inspired. But, as beautiful as Chicago is, why go there when this place I call home is SO amazing?! It might not be strictly ‘urban’ sketching all the time, but it is sketching our lives here…can we help it that our natural beauty is so gob-smackingly incredible?!


So, a few art friends joined me and we went out on our first sketching morning. We met at 2Mile Bay Coffee Shop and enjoyed coffee, gourmet pizza and sketching. It’s full of interesting boating memorabilia and not so many people due to the cold SouthWesterlies blowing across the lake at the moment, which was perfect as some in the group were feeling a little awkward drawing in front of the public for the first time.cof

Our sketches might not have been earth shattering  masterpieces but we began, we embraced the experience and we enjoyed each other. Our little piece of paradise was being imprinted on our brains and appreciated.

Cottage in Waitahanui for Liz Steel lessons

I came home #grateful for these gals who were willing to brave something new with me (new for us, anyways). Inspiration is still flowing so it will happen again. It’s so easy in your home town to miss the beauty for the daily dailies that bog us down. This week we got to look around and appreciate.

Thanks #usksymposium for the inspiration all the way down here in lil ‘ol New Zealand.

2MileBay Coffee Shop

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