Kindness in Rotorua

They offered and I accepted. And thus, we got to spend a day together travelling over to Rotorua for my appointment at the hospital.

This was only Miss C’s 2nd trip to New Zealand, and her first to the North Island. I knew that she was seeing more of the country by taking me over but how exciting was it really for two girls in their early 20’s to take one of their mothers for her hospital visit? I felt kinda guilty for taking away their precious time together, especially as they had been planning this visit for such a long time.

Instead of worrying I decided to make the most of the day as best I could. It’s true that we didn’t race down the luge at frightening speeds together, Hang glide across the lake, or zip through the forest canopy on a harness, which I know they would have LOVED! But, we had lots of laughs as we chatted about this and that, had lunch at the Lakeside Cafe and enjoyed the glistening sunshine on a lovely day at the end of Winter.


I would have loved to have stopped here and there to do my sketching on location but there was only so much I could ask of them, so instead they happily drove round the roundabout a few times until I had a photo I could sketch from later. Fun can come in many forms 🙂 The clock tower in Rotorua is an icon of the area.


All still feeling adventurous, we hived over the hill to the Blue and Green Lakes. It has been years since I have been up there. And, although Miss C was looking at all those hills and wanting desperately to go and conquer them, Miss J kept the laughter and silliness going to keep her from being too bored with our little dilly dallies around the lake edges. We are really blessed here in New Zealand to have such beautiful scenery all year round.


We hived over yet another hill on our return home to the Wai-O-tapu geothermal area. Watching that mud plop and steam was fascinating. You found yourself kind of mesmerized as you anticipated the next plop, or how high it would go. Miss C got a lesson on how the geothermal works in our area (once a teacher…always a teacher. I just couldn’t help myself 😦  She was polite enough to be enthralled.)

I was really grateful to these girls for the day. Their kindness in being so willing to drive me over to save me pain. Their enthusiasm for the activities we did do, albeit not at their energy or ability levels. They thought of someone else other than themselves and in this day and age you don’t always see too much of that quality. Thank you Miss J and Miss C for the day. It was appreciated greatly.


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